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Mind-Blowing Stats from EXHIBITOR’s Reader Survey

Mind-Blowing Stats from EXHIBITOR’s Reader Survey

EXHIBITOR magazine recently surveyed 25,000 readers about their job experience, and the results are a bit surprising. We all know that trade show coordinators face huge challenges on a daily basis. You might want to sit down before you read some key findings:

Expo Panorama trade show floor

  • Nearly half of readers (44%) received their first job as an exhibit manager with no trade show experience whatsoever. Only 11% had more than three years of experience!
  • 43% of those surveyed consider themselves a one-person department, and another 36% report having only one co-worker or direct report. Just 5% report having more than three co-workers.
  • Wow– 55% of respondents say they are not routinely asked to provide ROI for their programs. (However, that doesn’t mean they’re never asked.)
  • When asked to rank the most difficult aspects of their jobs, these five criteria were most challenging:
    1. Calculating the Value of the Exhibiting Program for Management
    2. Feeling Overworked and Undervalued by Management
    3. Knowing How to Attract Visitors to the Booth
    4. Managing & Motivating Exhibit Staff
    5. Understanding Union Rules in Each Venue

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