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Types of Displays


Portable displays featuring a frame (usually made of tubular aluminum connected in a scissors configuration) that allows it to easily stretch up and out. Generally, plastic or magnetic clips keep the structure open while displaying. Panels and/or graphics hang from the face of the pop-up display.


Small, lightweight, portable displays featuring a graphic panel that unrolls from its own base, much like a window shade. The top of the graphic panel is attached to a horizontal aluminum bar, which hooks or clips onto a pole implanted into the base.

Banner Stands

A lightweight and portable hardware system that allows the user to display a freestanding banner, eliminating the need for grommets, overhead cables, pole-pockets, etc. Banner stands are similar to the retractable stands, but the banner itself must be manually rolled up.

Literature Racks

Portable displays with pockets for fliers and/or brochures, which collapse, fold or roll up for easy transportation. Different racks can be made of nylon mesh, metal or polycarbonate.

Podium Case

A hard molded plastic case (normally with wheels, a handle and latches) used for transporting or shipping a display to and from tradeshows. This item is also used to store the display between events. With an appropriate covering, it can also be used in your booth as a podium for literature or a laptop.

Overhead Banner

A banner, either on vinyl or fabric, which is fitted to a frame (often made from aluminum tubing) that is suspended from the ceiling with a harness and steel cable. They come in several configurations, including a circle, square and triangle.

Modular Display

A system that boasts the look and feel of a custom display, without the high price tag and the need for major construction. While not as simple to set up as a portable display, a modular system is a good balance between portables and custom-built systems.

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