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Tradeshow Hacks

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Have appropriate scale displays. Don’t overstuff a 10 x 10 booth with too many (or too large) displays. Similarly, don’t leave a 20 x 20 island sparsely decorated or you will confuse visitors.

Have the right number of reps. Three’s a crowd–two knowledgeable people are plenty for a 10 x 10 booth.

Tables are not mandatory. Just because a generic skirted table is included with your space rental doesn’t mean you have to use it. If you decide to use it, do not put it in front along the aisle; you are creating barriers for your prospects. Let them enter your booth and talk with you. If you need the table, place it off to the side.

Sometimes it’s the little things. Most companies use a large display of some sort to anchor their booth. As space allows, you may want to consider supplements like a literature rack, or retractable banner stands so you can announce a new product or add show-specific information.

Don’t procrastinate. The earlier you make decisions, the more likely you are to stay on budget. It’s amazing how prices go up as the expo date approaches—including airfare, freight for your display, and all the show services (such as electrical).

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