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The Dog Days Can Bite Back– Start Prepping Your Fall Trade Shows

The Dog Days Can Bite Back– Start Prepping Your Fall Trade Shows

Summer is underway, and you certainly deserve a break from all that trade show prepping. But this is a great time for a little advance planning for your fall and winter trade shows. We have some biggies coming up this fall… and believe it or not, September is only six weeks away! If you’re unprepared for your fall trade shows, you’ll be in panic mode when summer wanes.


Make no small plans…

Prepare a follow-up plan for the prospects you’ll meet. The No. 1 mistake made by exhibitors is lack of follow-up/ineffective follow-up with leads. Have a plan in place so your leads don’t fall through the cracks. At minimum, the plan should include an immediate thank-you via email, and a phone call upon your return. Depending on the level of potential, you may even want to schedule a meeting before the show wraps up. The point is: know your follow-up plan before heading out to the show.

Dust off your displays + graphics

Even if you have your booth space reserved, carpet, electrical, hotel, etc.– some trade show coordinators forget to pull out the old display and make sure that, 1) It’s in good working order, and 2) Your marketing message is updated on the graphics. Don’t let yourself get stuck with old products or outdated designs on your graphics!

Check your deadlines

Be sure that you know when all of your paperwork and order forms are due for the next show. Each element of your exhibit experience (i.e., ordering electrical, scheduling move-in, reserving an overhead banner, etc.) has a separate piece of paper with a separate deadline. If you procrastinate, then you will lose out on the early-bird pricing, and perhaps be subjected to late fees or rush fees. Know your show deadlines and plan ahead to meet them.

Update your presence

Fortunately, you have time to replace those tired old graphics– or even the whole display, if you so choose. The average turnaround time at Tradeshows And Displays is seven work days, depending on the quantity and type of display. If you also need our design services, we’ll need a little more lead time.


Be a prepper! Take advantage of our summer sales before it’s too late!


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The clock is ticking, so don’t let trade show season catch you unprepared!

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