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Roll Up Professional Double – Expolinc

Roll Up Professional is the elite member of the award-winning, user-friendly Roll Up family of retractables, with its attractive clear-coat finish. It's an exclusive display system made for frequent use in all sorts of environments. Changing the image is easy with the Roll Up Professional. Just insert the hex key, pop the "hood," and swap out the banner/roller. The two banners housed in the one base can display the same message, or different messages. Change them out as often as you need to, ensuring that you hit your target audience.
  • Exclusive design, Swedish engineering
  • Quick and easy change of graphics, no tools needed
  • Double-sided version gets them coming and going
A double-sided Roll-Up is absolutely outstanding when you wish to communicate two different messages, i.e., two different brand names, or if it is placed in the middle of a room. Stable enough to be used as either a single-sided or double-sided display. It has the same elegant finish and functional design as the single-sided version. One size available 33.44" wide x 84.6" tall.

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