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Back-Lit Fabric Pop Up Wall

Plum grove printing display

Burst Back-Lit is portable and memorable, and sets up in under 20 minutes.

  • Lights and diffuser create even illumination
  • Specially designed hardware prevents shadows
  • Rich dye-sub graphics printing
  • Sets up in 20 minutes
  • Dependable pop up frame construction
  • Packs into UPS and FedEx friendly podium case
Includes pop-up frame, dye-sub printed graphic on back-lit poly fabric, back lighting fixtures, diffuser, and podium/shipping case. Comes in 8-feet wide, 10-feet wide, and 6' x 6' tabletop sizes. Accessories include dye-sub printed stretchy wrap for the case to convert it into an eye-catching podium. Contact us at 866-511-1719 for sizes and prices or use the contact form at the right.

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