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An “island booth” is just what you think– a booth that is not in contact with any other booths. It’s a booth entirely surrounded by aisles. This offers great advantages to the exhibitor, such as greater exposure to attendees, and the ability to engage many attendees at once. Rather than being exposed to one small section of traffic area (i.e., aisle), attendee traffic flows around all sides of the booth. These spaces are also less restrictive structurally, since they don’t impede any other exhibitors. They often include overhead banners, arches, trellises, or even a second level to draw in visitors. Island booths typically have enough space to offer dedicated sections, so you can give demos and presentations, run a raffle, and have a private meeting room, all simultaneously. In any case, Tradeshows And Displays offers solutions from several brands of hardware manufacturers, enabling us to devise the best balance of features, benefits, and cost for your exhibiting goals. You have options, and we’ve got you covered.

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