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Design Tips

Think “billboard” not “brochure.”

The aisle is a busy expressway, and the attendees are speeding cars. As the billboard, you have about one second to catch the attention of your prospects and make them want to stop at your booth.

Keep text brief and easy to read. People aren’t at the show to stand and read your booth. They have a lot of ground to cover. Keep it simple–convey who you are and why you’re the best at it quickly and clearly. Don’t use fancy, hard-to-read fonts.

Use eye-catching graphics and color. Prospects have a lot to look at on the show floor, and a bland booth won’t do the trick. Use unique images and innovative designs to draw the eyes of prospects. And don’t be afraid of color; not everything has to be blue.

Follow the printer’s design specs. Before you get too far along on your designs, contact the printer and get the design specifications. Specs can vary, and you’ll avoid extra set-up fees by sending a file ready to print.

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