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Large-Format File Requirements

Please review the following checklist before submitting your files for output. Files that are not ready to print to these specifications can reduce the quality of the printing, delay your project and can incur additional costs.

Preferred Software / File Types:
InDesign CS6
Illustrator CS6
PhotoShop CS6
Quark 6.5
Acrobat Distiller 9
PDF (high-res)

If you have files higher than CS4, please save them down. The Adobe web site describes how.
Read Here.

High-Res PDF: Set to high-quality print; for details about settings for different versions, contact our production department.
PhotoShop: Avoid creating type in PhotoShop. If it is unavoidable, make sure the type is created at 100 dpi final size.
Illustrator: Set all fonts to outline and include linked images
Quark: Include all support files and fonts
Size: See product description for live area; see our template page also.
Your sales consultant can verify which template you need.

Bleed: 1/8″ to 1/4″ all around* at full size. See additional information regarding retractables below.
Color: Make everything CMYK, no pantone or RGB
Color-matching: If you are particular about a logo (for example), we can closely match pantone colors for an additional charge. You may supply a sample to match or the PMS number.
Resolution: 100 dpi at output size (i.e., you can design at 300 dpi at 1/3 of the actual size, and we will print at 300%).** See additional information regarding fabric printing below.
Remove Extraneous Items: Remove all elements from the file that are not being used in your design, including fonts and images. Do not leave anything out on the drawing board.
Proofs from you: Please include a low-res PDF if possible
Proofs from us: We produce proofs on the actual media with every order; please refer to your estimate. If you make changes, we must run another proof, subject to our current rates.
File transfer: Go to our file upload page; contact your sales consultant for password.

Additional Information for Pop Ups:
PhotoShop: Design all panels and end caps as one continuous mural
InDesign: Design each panel individually in spread layout

*Additional Information for Retractables:
Bleed: Include 10″ to your document (at full size) at the bottom as non-visible feed for the roller mechanism. Again, refer to thetemplate for your product.

**Additional Information for Fabric Printing:
Bleed: 1/2″ to 1″ at full size
Color-matching: Dye-sublimation is a transfer print process; colors will look slightly different than offset printing or other processes. “Pleasing color” is the norm. Color-matching is on a “best effort” basis for an additional charge and may add time to your project deadline.
Resolution: 150 dpi at output size
Preferred File Types: See above; we cannot accept PDF files for this type of printing at this time.
Sew Line for Velcro (Pop Ups): Approximately 1.5″ to 2″ from all four sides. Keep important text, logos and images at least 3″ from edges.
Proofs from us: Hard proofs are required and are included in your estimate; no PDF proofs are given for dye-sub printing.

Questions: or call 866-511-1719 (630-860-1661 locally), x206.

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