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Common Design Mistakes

Too Wordy: You only have a couple of seconds to get someone’s attention at a tradeshow. Your logo, tagline and a couple of bullet points are more than enough. Let your images do the talking.

Unreadable Copy: Remember that your booth is 10 feet back from the aisle. Make your text large enough to be read easily from 10 to 15 feet away. Also, use simple, easy-to-read fonts–nothing fancy.

Going Too Low: In a crowded exhibit hall, the only things you see unobstructed are at waist level, eye level or above. Design your graphics so that the important elements are higher and insignificant or supporting elements are lower.

Low-Resolution Images: Remember that displays are large. The photo from your brochure may not look sharp when enlarged for your booth. Ask your designer to check all the images in your display to ensure the resolution is high enough. Click on the File Requirements page for details.

Files Set Up Improperly: Make sure your files are technically correct, meaning that they have the right amount of bleed, the images are linked, etc. Read the File Requirements page for further details.

Too Much Clutter: Again, displays are big. Small images scattered around is not the best use of the space. Think big as you design. Without all the clutter, your important images have the impact you want, and get the attention they deserve.

Cutting Things in Half: Many displays are printed in panels and displayed side-by-side to form a complete image. Designers should know exactly where the seams will be, and avoid placing key images (especially logos and faces) and letters on a seam. Contact our production department for assistance:

The Wrong Approach: When designing your displays, don’t think “web site” or “brochure.” Rather, you should think “billboard ad.” As with billboards, your tradeshow booth only has seconds to get its message across.