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Social Media for Trade Shows, Episode II

Social Media for Trade Shows, Episode II

The posting immediately prior to this one described six ways of using social media to promote your trade show booth. This only scratched the surface, so we thought social media warranted another post.

Social media is a promising tool when it comes to reaching your target audience. For one thing, it’s very inexpensive, or free in many cases. Also, it requires little time and effort for the recipient, who simply checks his/her news feeds. Plus it’s fun– much more fun than memos and emails. It’s a wonderful accoutrement to help convey your company’s personality and culture.

Picking up where we left off…



7. Use YouTube to Promote Yourself – This popular network lets businesses literally broadcast themselves to the world, so take advantage of this exposure by making a video about your company’s upcoming trade show appearance. Be sure the video title includes the name of the trade show and your company, as well as your booth number. Create brief videos describing why people should visit your booth. During and/or afterward, post videos from the show floor featuring contests/drawings, product demos, or attendee feedback. Post links to the videos on your website or blog and email them directly to contacts.


8. Social Media Is Social – The casual, personal nature of social media is what makes it so inviting for people to read a post or view a video, and leave a comment or click like. Impromptu videos taken on your phone make for interesting content. The best posts feature relaxed, candid interaction because they create a more personal connection with the audience. As we’ve said before, people don’t buy from companies, they buy from people.


9. Use Blogs to Get the Word Out – Blogging is a good way to regularly communicate about your news, products, and expo appearances. You may want to launch your own blog, or tap into an existing blog relevant to your industry. Before the show, use your blog to provide details of your booth, including location, promotions you’re giving away, and demos you’ve scheduled. Blogs run on fresh content, so keep adding updates.


10. Share With Colleagues – Find a trusted vendor(s) or colleague(s) and share one another’s blogs. This greatly increases your potential audience. Write guest blogs for one another also. Developing these types of relationships can ensure a continual supply of new content, not simply for this expo but also for future expos and beyond.

Social media can help enrich the trade show experience. Ironically, it isn’t about the technology; it’s about the people!

Meanwhile, how do you use social media in your trade show marketing? Share With Everyone!

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