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Display Types

Rental Solutions

Not sure you want to commit your trade-show marketing dollars to purchasing a full display? We have many rental options so you can try before you buy.

Rental Furniture

Sometimes the expo furniture just won’t cut it. Renting furniture is a great way to create a mood or reinforce your brand identity. Many styles and colors are available to you.


This is the best solution for 10′ x 10′ spaces, frequent exhibitors, and exhibitors with limited booth staffers. It’s also a great and cost-effective way to outfit a fleet of salespeople.

Pop Up Displays

Portable displays featuring a frame (usually made of tubular aluminum connected in a scissors configuration) that allows it to easily stretch up and out. Plastic or magnetic clips keep the structure open, and graphics hang from the face of the frame.

ECO Displays

Lightweight, semi-portable modular displays from one of our preferred partners, Eco-Systems. These achieve the look and feel of a custom display, without the high price tag and the need for major construction. While not as simple to set up as a portable display, a modular system is a good balance between portables and custom-built systems.

Table Tops

For those little Chamber of Commerce expos, job fairs, and other events in cramped quarters, we have a variety of smaller display options that fit on a table. These are also great for conference rooms and corporate presentations.

Banner Stands

The mainstay of the display world, the banner stand is as timeless as a World Exposition. Banner stands come in many sizes and styles– and even shapes. The most popular today are retractable, or roll-up banner stands, i.e., those in which the banner rolls into the base like a window shade.

Tablet Stands

These free-standing pedestals house and iPad or tablet, enabling greater interaction and information exchange with booth visitors. It’s a great way to give a recorded demo, or reach an attendee who isn’t ready to talk with you.


Counters are like magnets; people want to gather around them, lean on them, and talk. Create a focal point in your booth that can even double as additional storage or a place to mount a tablet. Add graphics to reinforce your brand message.

Monitor Stands

Whether you play a recorded product demo, a commercial for your product line, or a warm and fuzzy piece about your company, a monitor can help attract people to your booth and draw them in. Think of a video as a supplement to your booth staff.

Hanging Signs

These are banners and signs that are suspended from the ceiling above your booth, enabling attendees to see where you are from across the crowded show floor. Beware though– these come with a number of restrictions and costs.