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Yes, DO Take It Personally | Five Things NOT To Do In Your Booth

Ever go to a tradeshow and the person in the booth is talking on his cell? I just keep on walking; clearly he doesn’t want my business.

The point is, even if you do everything right (planning, getting the word out, designing the display, etc.), one seemingly small mistake by an individual can turn away prospects. One of the most critical steps in show planning is training the booth staff. Each company has its own goals and methods of achieving them. However, here are some basic no-nos that are universal throughout the expo industry.


1. Don’t talk on the phone.

You’re alienating your prospects and visitors.


2. Don’t eat in your booth.

No one wants to talk to you while you’re stuffing your face.


3. Don’t abandon your booth.

Your banner stand can’t answer questions or qualify leads.


4. Don’t sit down.

It looks like you’re bored and disinterested.


5. Don’t barricade yourself in.

It seems like you’re trying to keep everyone away from you.


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