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Who Wouldn’t Want a Great Deal on a Pop-up Display? With Us, You Have a Choice!

Tradeshows And Displays is running a promotion throughout April 2012, wherein the client receives a cool 10% off any full-size pop-up kit. Not too shabby! This includes displays from our three most popular brands:

POP Up Magnetic

Soft Image


Hop Up



Several models include a lifetime hardware warranty! The kits include the popup frame and hardware, printed graphics, podium/shipping case, printed podium wrap, and lights – in other words, everything you need to look professional in a 10-by-10-foot space. No more piecemeal booths with an old banner, generic table from the show, and a borrowed literature stand.


Why not go to the exclusive dealers who only sell one brand? With Tradeshows And Displays, you have choices! We’ve partnered with several top manufacturers to provide you with options at different price points and with various features. This enables you to find the display that’s right for you, rather than adjusting your needs to what’s available from one brand.


Why not go online and get the equivalent kit for less money? ‘Cause you get what you pay for. Many of those e-commerce sites are fly-by-night and don’t have a physical storefront; many are just selling knockoffs of other company’s designs; many are made with inferior materials; many do not back their product. With Tradeshows And Displays, we find the display that works best for you; our sales consultants consider factors such as how often you’ll use it, who will be setting it up, your budget, etc.


Whatever it is you need for your expo, come to Tradeshows And Displays for the maximum value.


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