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What’s New at EXHIBITOR2013? | A Report from the Show Floor

Another EXHIBITOR conference has wrapped up and, apparently, it was one for the books. Nearly 300 exhibitors and 6,000 attendees took part in the annual four-day educational conference and exhibition. Tradeshows And Displays’ owner Jim Noon was there, and he confirms that the show was, “bigger both in square footage and attendance.” He continues, “It’s a reliable indicator that the industry is currently in an upturn, which is likely a reflection of the economy in general.” Good news for all.

EXHIBITOR, as you may know, is the tradeshow for people who manage, participate in and build exhibits / displays for tradeshows. As mentioned, attendees explored an extensive exhibit hall, and also sat in on seminars and meetings, and mingled at networking events. Jim shared information with us about new products being introduced, ranging from lights to displays to technology. Here are but a few.


LED Lights

LED lights have been popping up more and more in the industry – and rightly so, seeing that they consume less power, have a longer life, cast a lot of light and exhibitors don’t have to wait for them to cool down before packing them up. Plus, they meet the strict fire code of Las Vegas. Two of our own hardware manufacturers now offer LED lights as an option to replace the 200-watt spotlights of yore (or the present). Expand and Expolinc now offer LED floodlights of the same aesthetic as the 200-watt ones we all know. They tend to cost a little more than their halogen predecessors, but costs will likely come down in the future.



Expand’s PodiumBox Deluxe, with new large countertop.


Speaking of Expand , the company has introduced a new feature for its popular PodiumBox Deluxe (which we affectionately refer to as the Boomerang Case). A new double-sized countertop enables the end user to position two PodiumBoxes next to one another and transform two individual podiums into one large, dramatic counter. An oversized graphics wrap completes the package. This feature is ideal for exhibitors with booth spaces 10 x 20 or larger.


Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!

8′ x 16′ fabric light wall


Many printers and display manufacturers (modular and portable) are turning to fabric for their graphics. And why not? It’s durable, easy to fold/roll and pack, it’s lightweight, it’s printable in large seamless sections, and it looks great. Fabric allows you to make more complex shapes, unusual structures, and more creative environments for your visitors. Panoramic is a large fabric structure that can be backlit, adding more impact. The versatile frame system can be configured a number of ways. Utilizing SEG – Silicon Edge Graphics – your marketing message encompasses the entire display as a complete canvas.

DeltaFabric 20 x 20 LED Lightbox GD corner

Tradeshows And Displays already carries DeltaFabric brand modular displays with fabric graphic panels. This client’s design (photo above) makes effective use of the lighting through a series of tall, narrow fabric walls 8 feet wide and 16 feet tall, creating a freestanding monolith effect.


Tech Toys

“Toys” is a deceptive word; these are really tools. Pictured here is the In Touch Interactive Base. The exhibitor simply loads product photos, literature, videos, spec sheets, etc., into the system, then – using touch-screen technology – accesses them based on the client’s needs. The exhibitor and the client can use the integrated white-board to sketch ideas, and the system saves the sketches as digital files. Any stored images can be viewed on the monitor in the counter, and a nearby wall-mounted monitor. The client’s preferences can be e-mailed to him/her directly from the In Touch system. (By the way, that “wood paneling” in the photo is fabric!)


More Innovations

Non-traditional lighting in a retractable!

Jim described perhaps one of the most innovative products on the show floor: The Up-Lite by Ellumilite. “This is a retractable banner stand that is basically self-lit because the media is the lighting,” marvels Jim. It is created from a thin sheet of electroluminescent lighting that uses phosphorous ink to create a glow when electricity is added. The design is then printed directly to the coated surface (or to a separate sheet for interchangeable graphics. The dramatic display that results is flexible, durable, energy efficient and non-hazardous. The Up-Lite won a Buyers’ Choice Award at the show.


EXHIBITOR2013 was being considered successful before it even wrapped up. The expo generated a lot of buzz before during and after the event. Attendance was up and exhibitors reported a great deal of traffic in the aisles and booths. Postmortem reports include phrases like “enthusiasm soars,” it was “jam-packed,” and “better than in years.”

Fabrics, innovative lighting and technology were the major forces this year. Tradeshows And Displays will be taking a closer look at these and other new display products and services. “In the coming weeks, we’ll be evaluating these new products to determine which might provide good solutions for our clients,” reports Jim. “We’ll then add those products to our line of modular and portable displays.”


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