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Warning! Are You Unwittingly Shattering Your Brand Continuity?

Warning! Are You Unwittingly Shattering Your Brand Continuity?

Essentially, brand continuity is the idea that all communication channels between your brand (you) and your customers (live chat, email, phone calls, etc.) should look and feel like they’re coming from the same place. It’s the idea that you should strive to give your customers an experience that is as consistent as possible, regardless of how they choose to make contact with you. Successful brand continuity requires you to strike a delicate balance and, if you’re not careful, you could accidentally shatter all that you’ve worked so hard to build even before you realize you have a problem.

It’s all in the visuals

One of the more subtle ways to build and maintain brand continuity is also one of the most important– and the easiest to overlook. All of your branding– from your company logo/tagline to emails to your trade show display, offline or online– should use the same small group of fonts, or font family. This is akin to subliminal brand reinforcement; most people don’t consciously notice fonts. So, when they are repeated along with your logo and message, they become familiar and help reinforce your brand.


Getting everyone on the same page

Another way to inadvertently shatter brand continuity is through poor internal communication. If your website is clear about one particular policy but your customer service team isn’t, you’re immediately confusing customers every time they pick up the phone. This confusion is especially evident regarding advertising and promotions. If an email goes out offering a new sale, make sure the rest of the team knows about it and knows what it entails. Failing to do so gives the impression that the different parts of your business are operating independently of one another, which you do NOT want to communicate to prospective buyers.


These are just a couple of ways that you can unwittingly harm your brand continuity. You never know how someone is going to make contact with your business for the first time. Make sure that, however they encounter you, it’s easy, enjoyable, and helpful.

power of visuals

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