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Trends In Exhibitor Sales Leads

Recently read: The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has released a study titled Exhibitor Sales Lead Capture and Follow-up Practice Trends. This research provides a fresh look at how exhibitors are capturing leads at expos, what information is being captured, which department handles follow-up, the most common follow-up methods, and whether leads are tracked. The data provides insights into which follow-up methods are considered most effective, and differences in practices by the size of organizations.

CEIR reps point out that now we can see that exhibitors who track sales leads have approaches in place to capture the information,  ranging from very basic to highly sophisticated. Exhibitors are following up on their leads, although findings suggest that systematic lead tracking is still in its infancy.

Report highlights include:

  • The top two most common methods organizations use to capture leads are: 1.) Lead retrieval system offered by an exhibition organizer (74 percent) and 2.) Paper-based lead form/collect business cards (59 percent).
  •   The qualifying of leads is infrequent, with only 30 percent of exhibitors capturing demographics and other qualifying questions, in addition to contact information, and product/service interest.
  •   Customized e-mails (64 percent) and phone follow-up tailored to address attendee product/service interests (59 percent) are the most common follow-up methods. Fulfillment of these efforts is completed within two weeks by more than 70 percent of exhibitors using each method.

The study was conducted by CEIR over the summer, polling a sampling of exhibitors from The International Center for Exhibitor and Event Marketing, as well as Exhibtrac’s Top 250 exhibitions’ list. Nearly 200 exhibitors participated. Contact to learn more.


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