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Tradeshow Terms for Beginners | Types of Displays

As a provider of portable tradeshow displays and graphics, we work with exhibitors and marketing pros with various levels of experience in tradeshow preparations. For the newbies, we’ll outline some common types of portable displays. You can see examples and try them out for yourself in our Schaumburg Showroom.

Portable displays featuring a frame (usually made of tubular aluminum connected in a scissors configuration) that allows it to easily expand open. Generally, plastic clips or magnets keep the structure open while displaying. Panels and/or graphics that feature a company’s information are designed to hang from the face of the pop-up display. Examples include the Pop Up Magnetic and Soft Image.

Small, lightweight, portable displays featuring a graphic panel that unfurls from its own base, much like a window shade. The top of the graphic panel is attached to a horizontal aluminum bar, which hooks or clips onto a pole that rests in the base. Examples include the Roll Up Classic and the Roll Up Pro.

Booth Package
A combination of displays and accessories comprising everything a company needs for a finished presence at a tradeshow. A booth package or kit normally includes one or more pop-up displays, lights, shipping cases that double as a podiums and graphic wraps for the podiums. Other accessories, such as brochure racks, may also be included.

Banner Stands
A lightweight and portable hardware system that allows the user to display a freestanding banner, eliminating the need for grommets, overhead cables, pole-pockets, etc. They are more portable than a rigid board on an easel. Banner stands are similar to the retractable stands, but the banner itself must be manually rolled up. Examples include the Pole System and 4 Screen.

Literature Racks
Portable displays with pockets for fliers and/or brochures, which collapse, fold or roll up for easy transportation. Different racks can be made of nylon mesh, metal or polycarbonate. Most are used as-is, while some offer the option of personalizing with your company logo. Examples include the Brochure Stand and 4 Brochure.

Shipping Case
Molded plastic case, often cylindrical in shape, designed to ship rolled graphic panels and/or displays/accessories. The cases often have a handle and a latch, but may or may not have wheels. An example is the Round Graphics Case.

Podium Case
A hard molded plastic case (normally with wheels, a handle and latches for the lid) used for transporting or shipping a display and several accessories to and from tradeshows. This item is also used to store the display between events. With an appropriate covering (i.e., podium wrap and/or countertop), it can also be used in your booth as a podium for literature or a laptop. Examples include the podium convertible and the Economy Podium Case.

A display used as a larger-scale counter or podium in a tradeshow booth, which may or may not also function as a shipping or storage case. An example is the Trade Show Counters & Podiums.

Overhead Banner
A banner, either on vinyl or fabric, which is fitted to a frame (often made from PVC or aluminum tubing) that is suspended from the ceiling with a harness and steel cable. They can be configured as a overhead banners.

Hanging Banner
A backdrop, usually printed on vinyl or fabric, which is not coupled with any type of hardware or display. They normally feature grommets and/or pole pockets and hang from the pipe and drape with hooks.

Of course,many other types of displays are out there, but this us a good place for the novice to start! More definitions and tips can be found in our Tradeshow 101 section. You’re welcome to call 866-511-1719 or e-mail us with questions!


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