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Tradeshow Stress Is Real | Most Stressful Jobs of 2015: Event Coordinator

Tradeshow Stress Is Real | Most Stressful Jobs of 2015: Event Coordinator

According to, a career information and job listing website, event coordinator is the eighth most stressful job in the United States! No. 8! That’s three stress levels away from police officer (No. 5)



Event Coordinator

Jobs Rated Stress Score: 49.93
Median Annual Salary: $45,810
Projected Growth by 2022: 33%

Careercast explains, “Event coordinators must ensure such gatherings as seminars… go smoothly. Because setting up these events means meeting strict deadlines, and the groups involved can span a wide range of attendees, the stress associated with this job can be high.”


We know all about that! You have almost a million details to coordinate: booth location, displays, giveaways, mailers, carpet– the list goes on! And don’t forget travel, lodging, scheduling meetings, airport transportation– it makes you want to scream!

Rather than tearing out your hair, just call Tradeshows And Displays! Our expo professionals do more than produce displays. We also manage show paperwork, handle I&D (install & dismantle), order carpet and furniture, and anything else you need in order to succeed at the show. We take on the stress so you can concentrate on your expo marketing!


What is the most stressful thing about tradeshow planning for you?

What are YOUR thoughts on all this? We’d like to hear your comments!




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