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Top 10 Technology Predictions for Events in 2014

I recently read this at the Trade Show News Network. Read the full article on the TSNN web site.

If you are a techie, and you exhibit at or attend trade shows, this is for you!

1.  Organizers will seek integrated solutions – As technology becomes more prominent within the event industry, customers will have higher expectations of the services.

2.   Windows Phone will be the heir to BlackBerry – While many consumers are using iPhone and Android devices, corporate IT departments have been much slower to progress.

3.   Event Wi-Fi will turn a corner – Venues will begin to see fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi as a competitive edge, and those that can guarantee it for large events will see a great increase in business.

4.  Analytics and ROI will outweigh the ‘WOW’ Factor – New and exciting technology and ideas will always have a role at certain meetings, but for the mainstream, organizers will be now be looking for solid results and returns.

5.   Organizers will utilize their data better –As organizers become more aware of how to use attendee participation data, more of a focus will be placed upon building registration, web and mobile solutions in an integrated way.

6.  Sponsorship sales will adapt to meet the opportunities technology provides – Technology is often decided upon late in the event cycle, and so a ‘Mobile App Sponsor’ may end up being the extent of what is sold.

7.  Organizers will track attendees’ movement around an event – Indoor positioning systems could lead the way at events, allowing organizers to personalize push messages and notifications for every attendee.

8.   Contactless transactions at events will increase –Near Field Communication (NFC) is set to be commonplace at UK events in 2014. It is a growing technology that allows smart phones, tablets and similar gadgets to connect via a radio connection.

9.  There will be more consolidation in the event technology industry – The event technology industry will continue to consolidate through acquisition and strategic partnerships.

10.  An increase in wearable technology – Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, Samsung Smart Watch and Apple iWatch, is likely to grow; both in terms of the number of devices available and the adoption the technology.


What are your thoughts on this? We’d like to hear your comments!

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