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Time for Outdoor Displays

‘Tis the season for outdoor events. Tradeshows And Displays has everything you need – from tents to flag-stands to A-frames – if you want to get noticed outside. Before you assume that you have the displays already, take note that most (if not all) tradeshow displays are NOT designed for use outside in the elements… in fact, you’ll probably ruin them! Imagine your pop-up wall toppling over in the wind, or your retractable banner stand’s movable parts being trashed by moisture… Don’t let it happen to you!

Unlike your tradeshow displays, outdoor displays are designed to handle wind, rain and sunlight, plus they are weighted in all the right places to keep from blowing over.















Displays that are intended to be outdoors are also scaled up accordingly, especially flag stands. Tradeshows And Displays carries models where the tops of the flags reach 18 feet into the air. (You won’t get away with that at an indoor show, no matter how high the ceiling is!)

Use a series of these to define an area or walkway.


We have too many choices to name here, or even list on our web site. So give us a call toll free at 866-511-1719, or locally 630-860-1661. Tell us a little about your event, and we’ll offer you some options.


The VenueTent is shown here with optional backdrop.


Why not go to the exclusive dealers who only sell one brand? With Tradeshows And Displays, you have a better selection! We’ve partnered with several top manufacturers to provide you with options at different price points and with various features. This enables you to find the display that’s right for you, rather than conforming your needs to fit one brand.

Has the boss ever asked you this: “Why not go online and get the equivalent display for less money?” Tell her: “‘Cause you get what you pay for.” Many of those e-commerce sites are fly-by-night and don’t have a physical storefront; many are just selling knockoffs of other company’s designs; many are made with inferior materials; many do not back their product. With Tradeshows And Displays, we find the display that works best for you, not what’s the priciest or what we have in quantity.

Whatever it is you need for your outdoor events, come to Tradeshows And Displays for the maximum value.






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