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We are hip deep in the holiday season with distractions all around. The kids are about to go on winter break and take over the house; you have parties to plan, baking to do; that report is due on the boss’ desk Monday morning. The expos don’t start up again until “next year” (i.e., three weeks from now). Who has time to think about trade shows? You. Make the time.

The time to get serious about trade show season is now. We have some biggies coming up fast… and you probably have at least one! If you’re unprepared for the 2014 show season, you’re in for shock when the tree comes down and the confetti gets swept away.

Sounds Like A Plan

Use this off-season time to prepare a follow-up plan for the prospects you’ll meet at the next expo. The No. 1 mistake made by exhibitors is lack of follow-up/ineffective follow-up with leads. Have a plan in place so your leads don’t fall through the cracks. At minimum, the plan should include an immediate thank-you via email, and a phone call upon your return. Depending on the level of potential, you may even want to schedule a meeting before the show wraps up. The point is: know what you’ll be doing before heading out to the show.





Mixed Messages

Even if you have your booth space reserved, carpet, electrical, hotel, etc.– some trade show coordinators forget to pull out the old display and make sure that, 1) It’s in good working order, 2) it’s clean and presentable, and 3) Your marketing message is updated on the graphics. Disaster ahead if you have old products or outdated designs on your graphics – or they are dusty and beat up. Call Tradeshows And Displays Inc. if you need new graphics or displays.



Update Your Show Presence

Fortunately, you have time to replace those tired old graphics… or even the whole display, if you so choose. The average turnaround time for a portable display at Tradeshows And Displays Inc. is seven to ten work days, depending on the quantity and type. (Remember that our modular displays require more lead time for both design and production.) If you also need our design services, we’ll need more lead time. We will make it happen for you!

We offer a complete range of portable trade show displays and modular trade show displays from several reputable manufacturers. We’ll find your perfect balance of function, budget, appearance and durability (unlike some providers who sell only one brand).




With a little advance planning, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running on your next trade show as soon as the ball drops in Times Square. Don’t let show season catch you unprepared! Call toll free 866-511-1719 or email today!


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