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The Most Social of All Media | 4 Uses for Social Media at Tradeshows

Your company is probably using some form of social media for branding, customer retention or marketing. Are you taking advantage of this ever-evolving vehicle in your trade show planning? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and your blog can boost your booth attendance, solidify your image and create anticipation for your product or service.


Blog About It Ahead of Time

If you have an established blog, use it as a forum for generating buzz about your exhibit at the upcoming trade show. Give subscribers a sneak peek of any new products  or services that you’ll be debuting at the expo. Also, toss out some teasers about contests or demos you’ll offer at your booth. Have one of your reps at the booth blog during the expo to capture the energy and give readers a real taste of the event. A wrap-up after the show would help also, especially for your clients and subscribers who were not at the expo.

You Oughta Be In Pictures

Take some photos during the installation of your displays and post them on your accounts.  Tag everyone involved and compliment them on their hard work.  Post pictures of the new product or the person who will be doing the demo. After the show, post a video of the demo, and send links to all customers and prospects. The ones who were there will have a nice reminder; those who were not there can have the benefit of seeing the demo — and may call you for more information. And if you can’t shoot the video professionally, just use your smart phone.

Announce Raffles and Contests

Promotional items (a.k.a., “freebies”) are always present at tradeshows and expos, but save the boring old pens and stress balls for the casual visitor. Use Facebook and Twitter to give away something special — exclusively to your followers. Invite guests to stop by your booth and use their special code word to be entered to win a larger, more exciting prize — i.e., tablet computer, MP3 player or your new product/service.

Set Up Your “Virtual Booth”

Use your company’s Facebook page as a virtual booth for the duration of the show. Make the cover page a photo of your entire display. Make your profile picture a photo of the both staff. Update your status with interesting show news and other announcements, plus photos of visitors and video of your demo. Be sure to tag everyone involved. Get more mileage from it by linking your Twitter account to your Facebook page.

Tradeshows are the most social of all social media. Exhibitors spend thousands and thousands of dollars on them. Why? To meet clients and prospects face to face. Technology tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc. (what we call “social media”), are just that — tools. Use them to enhance your actual contact with clients and prospects, not to replace it.


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