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The Magical, Growing Portable Display! | Pop-Up Frame Display

A client just asked me if we have any 40-foot walls for a 40? x 10? inline booth space. If you look on our web site, you won’t see anything resembling a 40-foot wall. Still, I told the client “yes, we do.” Why did I do this – am I a liar? No!

I said yes because we carry several models of the modern pop-up frame display with hanging panels. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations – straight, curved, shelving options, LCD monitor options, fabric panels, printed panels, lights, no lights, with podiums, without podiums… whatever the client needs. We represent several manufacturers offering different price-points and features.

Serpentine example of Pop Up Magnetic

Here is an example of two curved pop-up displays that have been connected to form one longer wall, called a “serpentine” or “S-curve,” with custom-printed panels. This display makes a great divider, back-wall, or it can define a space. The best part is, all you need is one additional panel (end cap) per frame, and you can also use these displays separately – simultaneously at different shows. What appears to be one long wall is, in fact, two self-contained units, each ready to catch the prospects’ eye in a 10-foot x 10-foot space.

Our top three manufacturers have their own version of a pop-up frame display, so you know we’ll put together the right system for you. Visit our web site to see other examples of pop-up displays.



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