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The Calm Before the Storm

The holidays are over and 2012 is history. For some of us, this means it’s time to get serious about tradeshow season. If you’re unprepared for your first shows of 2013, you’re in for a panicked few weeks ahead.

Certainly by now you have your space reserved–carpet, electrical, hotel, etc.– but have you dusted off the old display to make sure that, a) It’s in good working order, and b) Your graphics are up to date with your latest marketing message? Disaster ahead if you are a technology company with old products or outdated designs on your graphics!

Fortunately, you have time to replace those tired old graphics… or even the whole display, if you so choose. The average turnaround time at Tradeshows And Displays Inc. is five to ten work days, depending on the quantity and type of display. If you also need our design services, we’ll need more lead time. But you get the picture–we can still make it happen for you!

We offer a complete range of portable tradeshow displays from several reputable manufacturers (unlike some providers who sell only one brand). We’ll find your perfect balance of function, budget, appearance and durability. Not sure what you want? Come visit our showroom and see some of the displays in person.

Do it right–there is no better opportunity for face time with prospects than at a tradeshow!

The clock is ticking, so don’t let tradeshow season catch you unprepared! Call 866-511-1719 or e-mail today!


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