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The Age of the Unbooth

Just read an overview of EXHIBITOR2014. Open footprint booths, integrated technology and fast follow-ups defined the experience that brought together trade show and event professionals March 16-20 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.


The star of the show? A giant Earth Harp at the Global Experience Specialists’ booth that lured attendees to the back of the hall. The moment William Close of the Earth Harp Collective touched the strings rigged to the ceiling, attendees whipped out their cell phones to record and share. Since the instrument took up pretty much the entire exhibit, the GES booth became an unbooth, and staffers equipped with iPads worked the perimeter engaging attendees in the aisles.

Exhibitor 2014 - GES Booth Earth Harp Collective performs


The unbooth theme continued at IQ 3D, where a completely white exhibit sported the sign “Where’s the booth?” Attendees were invited to put on a Google Glass and voila– a virtual exhibit appeared all around them. The designs are stored in the cloud, and visitors are given an access code for the app on their devices.

Across the hall, Blue Telescope was sending attendees on a space ride in an Oculus Rift visor, which offers immersion into a 3D reality. It doesn’t have to be an attraction like an outer space adventure. It can be a factory walk-through or a demonstration.

oculus-rift  No distractions with the Oculus Rift


A selfie on steroids was attracting a crowd at the Pixe Social space, where attendees could get their photo on the cover of Exhibitor Magazine. Attendees got green-screened and prompted to say why they love the brand. Instead of going to their personal page, the “photomonial” goes to the brand’s page, driving traffic.

Deeply integrated tech is becoming the norm for exhibit spaces, and attendees expect nothing less. At MG Design’s exhibit, tech also was helping to tell the story– but cookies and coffee didn’t hurt either. At the end of the day, it’s still about creating environments that build relationships.


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