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Six Ways to Celebrate Your Event with Delectable Visuals

More good ideas from Trade Show News Network! This one is by Nishita Jain, Director of Digital Marketing, a2z, Inc., and we show it here verbatim.

In a research study published recently, researchers demonstrated that a variety of visual factors, such as the color and balance of the elements on a plate, can influence a diner’s perception of, and response to, food.

They found that subjects willingly paid higher-than-normal price for a salad that was presented to resemble a famous abstract painting by the artist Kandinsky. Diners also reported enjoying it more than another salad with the same ingredients but plated in a more ordinary manner. Clearly, we have an in-built penchant for experiences carefully designed to please our visual senses!


There are a number of important takeaway for event marketers here. Consumers tend to put a higher value to an experience if it starts by appealing to the eye. And they enjoy a higher level of satisfaction if they have an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Banish the banal and woo attendees by helping them create memories that they’d love to recall. Here are some ingredients that successful event organizers bank on to provide an unforgettable visual experience to their attendees.

1.     Pick a distinctive theme and color scheme which can be easily incorporated into the visual media created to promote the event.

2.     Showcase the host city’s unique landmarks or culture through clever visual cues.

bright tradeshow

3.     Incorporate industry-specific visual elements in your social media promotions to ensure these resonate with the event’s target audience.

4.     Experiment and be bold in trying out new things to appeal to the jaded palate of returning attendees.

5.     Unify the look and feel of the digital and printed media for your event to make it easier for the participants to recall and recognize their successful attendee experience.

6.     Make it a 360-degree experience by paying special attention to the décor, signage, interactive media and lighting at the event venue.


What are YOUR thoughts on all this? We’d like to hear your comments!




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