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Picture This | BabyCAD Aids Booth Design for Tradeshows And Displays

Many of our clients have a difficult time imagining what their displays are going to look like when they’re printed at full size and sitting in their booth space. And that’s okay; we help them with that. Now, it’s easier than ever.

Tradeshows And Displays Inc. uses BabyCAD, an online 3D design tool for planning your space on the exhibition floor. We can arrange virtual displays in your virtual booth space ’til you’re satisfied with the layout, create PDF documents, and publish 3D snapshots online.

This great piece of technology enables us to address your concerns about whether a group of displays will fit in your booth space, or how much of a display will show if we add another display – and more. We can start with a display you already have and add items, or we can start from an empty booth space and build your entire presence.

Not only can we help you visualize your booth layout and find the best displays for your needs, but we can also give you the PDF version of the online rendering. Add it to your pre-show mailings and e-mails to help prospects and clients find your booth. Use it in the sales meetings to plan your strategy for when you get to the tradeshow floor.

Our sales consultants report that clients and prospects absolutely love the capabilities BabyCAD offers, giving them an added level of confidence in their display choices. It saves time and money by making the options clear and concise.



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