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Not All Booth Traffic Is Good Traffic

Just as a broad mass-mailing covers your target audience along with many people you do not want, so does trying to draw every single show attendee to your booth. Not all show attendees are members of your target audience. Naturally, you want to drive traffic to your booth, but is worth it to draw everyone?

I recently read an article extolling the use of high-tech methods to “make your booth the most popular at your event,” including the placement of a charging station in your booth and turning your booth into a Wi-Fi hotspot. These are great ideas to bring people in and get them to linger a while, but are they attracting the people you want?

It really is a great way to disseminate your message: While someone downloads a large file (courtesy of your Wi-Fi) or checks email while charging a smart phone (courtesy of your station), you could be looping a product introduction or demo video, or engaging them in conversation. However, since the thousands, or tens of thousands, of attendees are not all your prospects or clients, you may be giving your pitch to your competitor while he uses your high-speed connection. Or, someone who simply is not a potential client is taking up valuable real estate at your booth so he can play Angry Birds. These people are simply loitering, and that’s not helping to achieve your goals.

So, we suggest a more targeted approach to booth attractions. Go ahead and offer a service like Wi-Fi, but send emails, postcards, etc., publicizing your booth attractions only to your target audience (i.e., clients, prospects, vendors, partners, etc.). Have your sales team call them all in advance of the show for a personal invitation. Make it special and exclusive; your booth will be like a secret haven in the midst of the show’s hullabaloo.

Don’t have a drawing that’s open to any warm body willing to listen to your pitch or drop a business card into a jar. Rather, Tweet your customers and prospects to come by your booth and enter an exclusive raffle just for them. You can give your pitch or demo your new product as a lead-in to the drawing.

For the people who came by your booth but ultimately did not need your products or services, offer a “consolation prize,” such as a branded pen, USB drive or other useful item. Save the “good stuff” for the clients and qualified prospects.

Of course, we at Tradeshows And Displays Inc. believe that a great-looking display with a clear message is also a great way to draw the right people. A striking display arrangement, a well-designed marketing message, and the use of vivid colors and images work in concert to attract attention. Tradeshows And Displays provides clients with all types of displays to achieve any trade show goals.



The bottom line: It’s about the quality of booth visitors, not quantity.


What are your thoughts on this? We’d like to hear your comments!

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