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Signs of Economic Recovery Will Color CEIR Predict

With consumer confidence continuing to build, there has been a consistent, positive economic change in the Building, Construction, Home and Repair (HM) and Raw Materials (RM) Sectors. At the Center for Exhibition Industry Research’s (CEIR) Predict Conference in New York City, experts in the HM and RM sectors will discuss what is happening in relation to the global economy currently, as well as the three-year outlook for these sectors. HM and RM have historically served as leading indicators for the exhibition industry’s overall performance.

CEIR Predict will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2013, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Predict uses the CEIR Index as the foundation for the event and for providing an objective measure of the annual performance of the exhibition industry, measuring year-over-year changes and predictions through 2015. Attendance is limited to exhibition organizer executives, merger and acquisition firms, private equity firms, debt providers, investment firms and the financial press. Apply for Predict.



Competitive Changes at McCormick Place and Navy Pier

Prime Electrical and Exhibition Services (Prime EES) has begun creating competitive pricing to benefit meeting professionals, associations and independent general contractors looking at Chicago as their next destination. Taking advantage of new legislation and work rule changes, Prime EES was conceived to service the meeting and trade show industry at McCormick Place and Navy Pier. Prime EES now brings competitive pricing to electrical, plumbing and rigging needs at both facilities with at-cost electrician labor rates and transparency billing.

Prime EES blends Prime Electric and Absolute Production Services to create an experienced labor force of over 125 people. The company is working with Choose Chicago to promote Chicago as a destination for meetings and trade shows.



New Clothing- and Eco-Friendly Nametag

Called the Contour Clip, it uses two flat fingers similar to paperclips that clamp over an edge of the collar, lapel or pocket. The clips are clothing-safe and attach the nametag directly without adhesives, pins or plastic holders (no pins, no holes). Because the badge or tag is attached directly by the round bow-tie post on the clip, the tag rotates to remain straight, permitting the tag to be attached in any orientation.

The nametags are provided as round or square die-cut cardstock sheets with the attachment slot pre-punched. Calling itself the first new clothing attachment developed in almost 100 years, the Contour Clip was recently patented. It eliminates the earlier pins and alligator clips used when fabrics were less delicate and safety was less important. Square die-cut tags result in sheets where all the tags can be separated with no in-between waste. Without plastic holders, they are low cost, lightweight (only 3 grams) and easier to wear.



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