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Just read: The international conference venue-finding service continues its expansion in the USA through the launch of its local brand The company finds venues for meetings and expos at no charge, plus offers other expo-management services, such as negotiating hotel contracts.

The Dublin-based company has made strategic partnerships in its quest to become a top global online international venue-finder and DMC (destination management company) service by providing continuity in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. For instance, it has partnered with, based in Connecticut, to expand its online registration services to clients across the globe.

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While the people orchestrating the expos take care of the venues, you need to take care of your own booth! Tradeshows And Displays offers portable displays, modular displays, and replacement graphics for all brands of displays.


Also just read: Exhibitor Magazine’s 2012 Marketing Technology Survey shows QR codes, tablets, and “augmented reality” are gaining momentum.  Exhibitor Media Group explains that the research sheds light on which technologies are currently being adopted by exhibit and event marketers, what corporate objectives they’re helping users to achieve, how much of their budget respondents are allocating to these technological applications, and which technologies offer the most potential with regard to face-to-face marketing.

When compared to the 2010 Marketing Technology Survey, a greater percentage of marketers are turning to technology to meet many corporate objectives, ranging from increased leads and sales, to a heightened ability to personalize and prioritize lead follow-up.

The results show an 11-percent increase in the number of companies using some form of technology as a marketing tool, but exhibit marketing has only seen a 4-percent rise and event marketing an irrelevant 1-percent bump.

The technologies that experienced the most impressive adoption rates since 2010 are QR codes, tablet PCs, and augmented reality, as the percentage of exhibitors using them has more than tripled. Comprehensive results of the 2012 Marketing Technology Survey are in the December issue of Exhibitor magazine.

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So, do you think QR codes are here to stay, or a temporary whim of technology?


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