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Installing New Printers | Good Things For Clients | And Environment!

We’re in the process of installing new printers at our shop in Schaumburg, Ill., and we’re pretty excited about it! The new technology may be fun for us, but it probably means very little to you, the end-user. However, you may find it meaningful that the new printers use water-based latex ink, which is more friendly to the environment than the solvent inks we used to use – zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and zero fumes!

But here are the things that will matter to you as we start using the latex printers:

* Better-quality prints with higher resolution

* Increased control over color and other file specs

* Faster turnaround due to virtually no drying time

* Purchasing from an environmentally friendly print shop

Of course, you stil need to set up your files properly for output! Please use our File Guidelines.

Plus, we will be periodically testing new media options that make recycling more practical and accessible to you!

The latex printers are currently being calibrated and tested. They will be in full production mode within the next two weeks. We can’t wait for you to see the results!




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