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How to Use Prescheduled Tweets to Promote Your Event

This past autumn, Twitter announced a feature that allows all users to schedule a tweet. Though not an unprecedented feature (a number of third-party applications already provided this option) the announcement sparked an online debate on the pros and cons of prescheduled messaging.

For a busy trade show manager who has an ever-growing list of operational details and issues to juggle, the ability to post appropriate messages on a predetermined schedule can be a heaven-sent option.

Not sure which messages can be easily scheduled ahead of your event? These ideas should get you started. Consider scheduling messages to:

  • Remind followers of the official hash tag(s).
  • Create buzz around special events, such as gala dinners or keynote sessions.
  • Announce the names of predetermined raffle or award winners.
  • Appreciate the trendsetters and top performers in your industry.
  • Share the Twitter handles of your speakers and presenters.
  • Send timely alerts. For example, a reminder to exhibitors about onsite booth sales.
  • Share important links with attendees, e.g. registration site, FAQ pages, local information, etc.
  • Thank your event sponsors for their support.

Finally, it’s important to note that you would still need to review scheduled posts periodically and ensure that messages that are invalid or unsuitable for any reason are edited or canceled in a timely manner. Here’s a trick: Keep fans and followers engaged by not responding to live tweets right away!

(Edited from an item from the Trade Show News Network.)


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