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Get “InTouch” With Your Prospects In the Booth or On the Go

As promised, we are sharing another great product that Tradeshows And Displays Inc. president Jim Noon saw at EXHIBITOR2014.

After EXHIBITOR2013, we blogged about the InTouch System. InTouch is a kiosk that creates a fully interactive and engaging experience, showcasing your brand. The exhibitor simply loads product photos, literature, videos, spec sheets, etc., into the system, then – using touch-screen technology – accesses them based on the booth visitor’s needs.



This year, InTouch has gone mobile. Yes, there’s an app for that! iPads have become a useful tool, and corporate sales forces are conducting business with them. The InTouch App empowers your salespeople with information and gives them a fast-response vehicle. All they have to do is close the deal.

• Customized, company-branded solution at a fraction of the cost of typical custom apps

• New technology solution to combine with existing sales opportunities

• Turn-key interactive technology

• Demonstrate products and services with current literature, presentations and videos

• Improve static presentations

• Outfit an entire sales force with consistent collateral

Typical iPad apps COST you money. This one MAKES you money.


Picture all of your company’s literature, product data sheets, photos, and presentations in this superbly functional format!

InTouch Kiosk Video: Discover the potential of adding an InTouch kiosk to your display.

InTouch App Video: Discover the potential freedom of giving the InTouch App to your salespeople!


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A salesperson demonstrates the kiosk version of InTouch.

A salesperson demonstrates the kiosk version of InTouch.


What are YOUR thoughts on all this? We’d like to hear your comments!

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