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Five Things Most Exhibitors Allow to Fall Through the Cracks

With all of the scores of details and mind-numbing piles of paperwork associated with exhibiting at a trade show, one or two details occasionally fall through the cracks. Most of the time, it’s no great tragedy, But some of the time, it’s something so big, so important, that missing it undermines the very reason you chose to exhibit in the first place. Here are five things you need to remember.


ISU World Figure Skating Championships - Day Three

Stay in synch with current trends in your industry, as well as trends in exhibiting. No, it’s not about copying those around you or remaining status quo. Instead, it’s about understanding what’s happening around you so you can take it a step further, move beyond it. You can’t innovate until you know what’s already been done.


The Human Touch


The entire reason for going to a trade show is to get face time with your customers and prospects. It’s about making a connection. Listen to the attendees’ needs, understand their pain. It’s about them, not you. Without the human contact, they may as well just visit your web site, or watch your YouTube video.


John “Your Brand Here” Smith


Understand your brand personality, and become the persona for your brand. If you feel it, then you project it outward, and the attendees will feel it too. It makes your booth more than the sum of its parts, elevating you above being just a bunch of people in matching shirts making a sales pitch.


Don’t Be Sense-Less


Use multisensory marketing to be different and stand out from the booths around you. It’s about moving beyond the endlessly looping DVD demo, and engaging the senses in a pleasant way. Remember that there are five senses, and they are all on overload from the sights and sounds of the show floor. Make stepping your booth feel like being transported to a different place. Offer some welcoming sensations such as the sight and scent of flowers. Be original.


Call to Action


You marketers out there wouldn’t dream of sending out a direct mail piece without a call to action. So why are you exhibiting without one? What do you expect of the attendees? Do you want them to remember who you are? Your new product? Do you want them to visit your web site and sign up for your blog? Schedule a site visit? Work in a call to action to further engage the booth visitor beyond the expo.



How do you stand out on the show floor?

What are YOUR thoughts on all this? We’d like to hear your comments!


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