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Encouraging News In Exhibiting

Quality Over Quantity

These folks understand! I just read about the recent Snow Show, and if the headline doesn’t make exhibitors happy, then the lead-in surely will: “SnowSports Industries America puts on the largest show in its market sector every year, SIA Snow Show, but instead of focusing on getting as many people to the show as possible, they put their energies instead into ensuring that the people who are there have the most buying power.”

Now THAT’S a show I would exhibit at (if I were in the snow sports business). The show organizers are doing your marketing for you! They are pre-qualifying attendees so you can talk to better quality prospects and get better quality leads. Remember, you don’t need 300 leads; you just need THAT ONE REALLY GOOD ONE.


Expo Growth In Asia

The expo industry seems to continue ramping up. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is seeing a lot of activity. “…seven organizers launched new events at the venue, as well as seven of the exhibitions held at HKCEC for the first time. Those seven first-time shows included a wide range of industries, such as real estate, bakery, diving and resort, sports and interior design.” So, yes, across many industries.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Of the 115 exhibitions held in FY 2012/13, 104 of them were recurrent events. Additionally, 20 of the recurrent expos recorded double-digit growth in terms of exhibition space, compared with their previous editions. Besides exhibitions, the Centre also hosted 30 conferences — 22 were international and 11 were new to the HKCEC.


Get On The Same Wavelength

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) recently released a report, Exhibitor Product Information Sharing Practices, which looks into the way exhibitors share and attendees prefer to receive product information. “Exhibitor practices and attendee preferences seem to match up.  The two most common methods of product information sharing methods used by exhibitors are printed brochures/catalogs given out at the booth, 85 percent; and emails sent after the exhibition, 70 percent.”



The study examined digital use, as well as whether or not attendees still were being engaged with traditional methods. The report goes on to provide other facts describing somewhat of a shift toward digital (email, PDF catalog, etc.), but the printed brochure is still a factor.


What are your thoughts on this? We’d like to hear your comments!

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