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Don’t Let Them Fool You! | You Get What You Pay For (A Cautionary Tale)

A while back, a customer of Tradeshows And Displays mentioned that he was having problems with one of our most popular products – the Roll Up Classic retractable banner stand. In fact, he stopped using it because it wouldn’t retract into the base properly. He thought we must have changed our manufacturing processes. I reminded him of the lifetime warranty on the Roll Ups (and all Expolinc products), and offered to repair it.

When he pulled out the display, I knew instantly that our Roll Up did not fail – he was holding a cheap, online knockoff! As it turned out, a buyer at his company had switched from the Roll Up to a cheaper, lookalike retractable with no warranty.


Roll Up Classics

We were able to repair it for him, but the repairs were not covered. In fact, his buyer could have purchased a Roll Up with the money spent on the knockoff and subsequent repair! I’m aware of all the cheap, internet competition out there, but the message really hits home – It’s so easy to buy something on the internet that you think is as reliable, only to find that looks are skin deep.


Afterward, I felt the need to remind all of our clients that Tradeshows And Displays provides top-quality displays from several manufacturers, who stand behind their products. So, we have a display to fit your needs and budget – the perfect value. Plus, we print your graphics here at our Schaumburg facility for greater quality control and reduced turnaround times.

If you already have a display but need a new marketing message, you can extend the life of that display by coming to us for fresh, new graphic panels. Tradeshows And Displays prints and installs new graphics for any and all brands of display hardware. Moreover, we stand by our work! We stay with you after the sale to provide ongoing product support.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations and fly-by-night companies – you deserve better! You deserve Tradeshows And Displays.

So, what factors are most important to your decision regarding trade show displays? Quality? Price? Brand Name? Something else…?


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