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Displays from Exhibitor2012

Aside from new products and fancy spectacles of lighting and effects, the trend at this year’s Exhibitor Show was toward fabric; in addition to offering more fabric options in their display repertoires, more exhibitors were using fabric in their own displays. You may wonder, “What’s the big attraction to fabric-skinned displays?” Many factors contribute, including the practical considerations, such as shipping. Fabric is less costly to ship, and requires less packaging because it’s harder to damage in transit than other materials.

Aesthetics play a role as well. More display makers are developing new options for fabrics, including dramatic colored spotlighting, as well as backlighting. We know fabric can take on virtually any shape, and the display makers are taking advantage of this with wonderfully creative support structures for the fabric skins. Suddenly the displays become pillars, fruit, waterfalls, plants… whatever the designer wants.

Fabric displays with pink lighting.


As for a general overview of the show, Jim Noon, president of Tradeshows And Displays, observed that, “exhibitors were up about 20 percent over last year.” He also reported that Exhibitor2012 occupied more floor space than last year, and that more attendees were present (although he did not have figures for the latter). Based on this and other factors, Mr. Noon believes that the tradeshow industry is improving. “It doesn’t lead or lag the economy in general,” he points out, “but it’s usually a pretty good indicator of what’s happening at the moment.”

Entrance to Exhibitor2012


Several new products were introduced at the show, some from manufacturers we at Tradeshows And Displays sell. Expand International has introduced the LinkWall, a system for displaying rollable graphic panels in a much more modular and flexible way than the traditional pop-up display. The idea is that the exhibitor can link together as many or as few sections as space allows to convey the marketing message. All details and pricing are not yet available, but Tradeshows And Displays will be offering this product soon. Contact us to schedule a future demo! 630-313-6744 or

Expand’s LinkWall showing just a few configurations.

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