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Blogs Build Booth Buzz!

Your bosses may think blogs are a questionable way to expend marketing man-hours, but blogs can be valuable in promoting your tradeshow marketing event. Start with these simple actions.




Bring Your Camera Smartphone
Take pictures or videos at your tradeshow booth. Visuals are a powerful part of your company’s marketing message. People are likely to be drawn into reading your blog with a quality, eye-catching photo. Whether it’s a shot of your display or the winner of your contest or raffle, the more pictures taken, the more chances your company has to share what’s happening at the expo.




Write Fresh, Timely Content

Don’t wait until the trade show is over to write the blog. Do it while the experiences at your booth are still happening. As part of the process of wrapping up at the booth each day, staffers should be writing up a short review of the day’s events: any exciting announcements, winners of your contest, interesting booth visitors or experiences, etc.

And please remember that a blog isn’t simply internet graffiti; have a trained writer or marketing professional assigned to this task. They are the ones who will write to your audience for what they want and need. Write for people, not search engines.




Use Social Media

Most businesses should have a Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn account. Depending on the client base, many companies also benefit by using Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, or others. It’s simple to link your blog to your social media, if not just paste in links and images.

Options abound. You can write a blog that shares news from your booth, or create a Facebook-only event where people tag themselves in one of your photos, or share your post to win a prize. Photos can be uploaded to Instagram or Twitter with your tradeshow hashtag and posted in an article. You can host an Instagram contest for attendees who are sharing pictures at your booth with a special hashtag. Be creative and make sure participants can have fun.


How do you use blogs and social media to drive booth traffic?

What are YOUR thoughts on all this? We’d like to hear your comments!




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