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Beginners Guide to Portable Displays

I recently read a really good article about the basics of portable exhibits. Not surprisingly, it was within the pages of that perennial trade publication “Exhibitor Magazine,” page 13 of the January issue, titled “Small Packages.” Read it online here.

This piece is geared toward tradeshow newbies – of course, as it is in the section called “Exhibiting 101” – and it’s a nice refresher for the sometimes tradeshow exhibitor as well. What I find so appealing is that it takes the considerate step of defining portable displays for the reader, then reviewing the common types and what they are used for. *sigh* (Contended sigh!) It’s certainly refreshing to read something that helps get the exhibitor familiar with the world of portable displays, thus enabling better purchasing decisions when outfitting his/her own booth. Plus, it’s an appropriate companion to our own Tradeshow 101 page.

So, give this article a read-through, and then visit our Tradeshow 101 pages to explore more definitions and tradeshow basics. You’re welcome to call or e-mail us with questions. You can also visit our showroom to see some of these portable displays in person! 866-511-1719.



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