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An Insider’s Look At EXHIBITOR2014

Another EXHIBITOR show is officially history, and our own Jim Noon was there to soak it all in. He tells me that, like last year, “Back-lit fabric is by far the most prevalent display item. Also, fabric is starting to be used in more versatile ways for kiosks with integrated monitors, iPad holders, literature stands, and other features.”

DSL Tape LEDLED lighting of all types was prevalent as well. “In fact, one of our suppliers now offers LED sheets 18 inches square that are bendable and cuttable to different shapes and sizes,” explains Jim. “The applications for that are endless.” Also offered are tape lights and tube lights using 360-degree LED rope lighting in variable lengths.

On a technology note, Jim observed that “People are using better systems to capture leads and send info, rather than giving you literature that gets thrown away. There is instantaneous sending of lit online through various systems.”

The highlight of EXHIBITOR is always the new, innovative products that are featured. A few made an impression on Jim. First for the fabrics.


366951Matrix Frame USA – Matrix introduced a curved wall back-lit fabric display, plus some interesting fabric shapes for more impact: among them an octagon. The shapes make these displays stand out among the other back-lit fabrics.

Fabric shapes


Triga – Of course Triga put its own spin on the back-lit fabric by using their unique tension system. Further, the company makes a unique portable/modular bench seat.





VintageIronMan-VintageBattery Show battery – Li Ion battery pack to run LED lights. Enough to run a 10-foot booth space for a day at the show, recharges overnight for the next day (recharges fully in 10 hours). Note: This battery pack cannot be taken on a plane– it’s considered a hazardous material– but can easily be shipped ground or freight.









booth in a boxBooth In A Box – A corrugated pop-up booth that is completely recyclable. Use for one show and just recycle at the end. Weighs 45 pounds and ships via UPS. Also can be customized and used as other items, such as chairs, etc.



InfoStand_straight Info_Stand_angled



Expolinc – One of our premiere brands, Expolinc, has introduced a new Info Stand for select retail applications and events. These are well suited for directional signage. The Info Stands are so new, they aren’t on the Expolinc web site yet.

Expolinc has also developed several accessories to enhance the versatility of the Pop Up Magnetic. Some of these include shelves; storage areas; and the hardware to enable clean 90-degree angles, straight edges; and perfectly squared end caps. Exhibitors will find it easier to transform their Pop Up Magnetic from show to show.


beMatrix b62


beMatrix – The new B62 frame system combines the ability to use fabric and PVC graphics in the same frame on these modular displays. They have a slightly deeper frame to better accommodate “squared” corners and a new tapered connector (eventually to be replaced by plastic connectors as used in Europe). Owners of an existing beMatrix system can rest assured that the new system fits to the existing system.






InTouchiPad_AppInTouch – The InTouch event attendee info system is now available in an iPad version. Exhibitors can use the kiosk version in the booth, while salespeople take it on the go with their tablets. More flexibility for you and greater convenience for your prospects.













Exhibit Foundry – Has updated its design, making units more sturdy, lockable, and versatile, while still maintaining a nice price-point. They have always had nicely designed counters, and now they’ve added an interesting monitor kiosk to the mix. Fits in flat pack for UPS / FedEx shipping.

This is the first taste of Jim’s observations. More from the floor of EXHIBITOR2014 next time.



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