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8 Simple Reasons to Generate Content Before a Trade Show

Thank you, Trade Show News Network, for another interesting read! This article was published in March and offers great suggestions on using social media to create a buzz about your booth at an upcoming event.

Ironically, show organizers make press kits with images, press release, overviews, and fact sheets available to members of the media… yet, the show attendees– your prospects, partners, distributors or friends– have no access to this information. We need to close the gap and better disseminate information. Digital content is the means and social media is the medium.


1) Putting It Out There. As an exhibitor, you can provide the expo with a press kit of your own and request that they share or post it on the show site. Of course, you will get more press by sponsoring some aspect of the expo, such as a lunch, the signage, etc.


2) Driving More Traffic to Your Site. The more content you have, the more reason attendees and media have to visit your site, before, during and after the show. It’s just good practice to continually add relevant content to your web site, and show info provides excellent fodder.


3) Increases Social Engagement. Producing more online content creates the opportunity for everyone at the show to share it, not only for people who will be there, but also for those who cannot. Link, tweet, post, pin– do whatever it takes to get the word out to your network and beyond.

4) Tweeting Creates Real-Time Activity. Twitter has created an amazing news platform that allows anyone listening to find what they want, assuming it’s been tweeted. It’s a live conversation. This is especially true if your show has a hashtag that everyone is using.

5) Facebook Keeps It Real. For companies interested in posting to their Facebook group regularly, post your show/exhibitor news. The more casual nature of the site opens the door for you to use a little tasteful humor or step outside of the work realm a bit, which encourages “likes” and “shares.”



6) Putting the News in Your App. Floor plans, lists of exhibitor names and schedules are great but you need content to give it context. Include information about your company and what you’ll be doing at your booth, along with similar information about your partners.

7) Smarter Attendees. The more information attendees have at their disposal, the more engaged they will be at the expo. They will get the most out of their booth visits and have a richer overall show experience.


8) Meet the Press. Most exhibitors will reach out to the press before the show, creating a cavalcade of information to sort through. The show organizer can facilitate and own the relationship between the media and exhibitors by sending one source for all their news, and getting the exhibitors on board with it.


Shows are about engagement, and online news is a digital representation of your physical show. Make the content available to all attendees, exhibitors, and participants before, during, and after the show.

Do you have a social media experience to share?

What are YOUR thoughts on all this? We’d like to hear your comments!

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