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7 Trade Show Skills You Should Probably Learn

Do you have some of the specific skills that we have found to be highly effective and efficient in pulling off events that actually bring results? How many of these skills or strategies does your company use?


Know Exactly What You Want: Before you begin any planning your trade show, ask yourself or your team, “What are we trying to accomplish?” Do you want leads, awareness, customer relationships, market leadership, product introduction or something else?








  Stand and Deliver: Never never never sit down behind a table. Get out front with the attendees. If you must have a table for whatever reason, push it to the side so you can greet visitors.  Your company is paying thousands or tens of thousands for you to be there. Make it count.






Get the Face Time: I know, I know — I sound like a broken record. Nothing is better than face-to-face interaction. A trade show is the ultimate opportunity to get lots of prospects and customers in the same room. Don’t squander the opportunity. Take full advantage of it.






  Stand out: Everyone wants to get the best location on the exhibit floor, but you can help attract attendees in other ways too. Use unique color schemes, striking graphic designs, overhead banners/signs, or raffles. This is a also good opportunity to use social media to help achieve your goals.






Define Your Target Prospects: Define who you want to meet at the trade show by title and function. Then, search for them in your database of past trade shows, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Mail them an invitation to meet with you at the show. Then send an e-mail. Follow up with a phone call.






The More You Know: Be certain everyone representing your company (at the booth, in meeting rooms, on panels, etc.) is up to speed on your goals at the show, and is familiar with your products/services. Each morning, meet over breakfast and share information about questions people ask at the booth, what competitors are doing, etc.







Point Out Your Coolest Feature: The old adage is, “features tell, benefits sell!” This is right most of the time, but you can make an exception for trade shows, where you are competing for attention. As an attendee, when you walk through a trade show with 100 different booths, what do you talk about later? It’s the booth with the coolest feature, whether it be the booth itself or an unusual giveaway. Cool features grab attention.


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