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7 Things to Remember when Designing for Large-Format Print

I recently read this blog, which serves as an excellent refresher on designing for large-format output. Some people associate large format with billboards and little else; others don’t think about it at all. And that’s fine– it’s our job to do this for you. Everything we print for your trade show displays is large format. But we can only print with what you provide us. With that in mind, let’s look at seven things you must consider when it comes to designing for large-format print.


1. Color

When it comes to designing large prints, color can be your friend and really help your message to stand out; but it can also be your enemy. Don’t go overboard. Use colors that relate to your brand or complement each other. Also keep in mind the role that color will play in any images that you use.



2. Powerful Images

First, ensure that your images are high resolution. They are not for an 8×10 brochure. Generally speaking, they should be 100 dots per inch at the final, full-scale print size. Next, keep things simple and striking. Think of memorable posters down the years like the “Hello Boys” Wonderbra ad (recently voted the most iconic outdoor ad of all time) or some of the great Apple billboards. The power of the image is a big factor.



3. Make it Readable

Think of large posters and billboards that are directed at moving traffic. Your text needs to be clear and easy for passers-by to read. The same holds true for trade show displays. Your booth is the billboard and the attendees are moving traffic. The unspoken rule of billboards is to use no more than eight words on a poster. Keep your copy brief. Less is more.



4. Space Out

When it comes to design, the temptation can be to try and fill the space. White space relates to the use of empty areas in design so that critical elements stand out. Let your design breathe. Take a minimal approach to your display graphics, perhaps showcasing your product, logo or brand message and nothing else. Space is your friend.


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