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5 Ways To Avoid Sensory Overload And Stand Out At the Tradeshow

Upon entering an exhibition hall, tradeshow attendees are bombarded by sights, sounds and, yes, even smells. Depending on the show, scores or hundreds of exhibitors have set up shop in row after endless row, all competing for attention. The cacophony of HD videos on LCD screens, and booth workers accosting you like carnival hucksters contribute to sensory overload for the attendee. But amid all the discord, someone has to stand out.

When designing your tradeshow displays, you’ve got to think like an attendee, and consider the attendees’ experiences. Those who attend a tradeshow are a very targeted audience, albeit overstimulated and distracted. How will they know who you are? How will they identify you? How can you catch their eye for more than a fleeting second?

1. Think Billboard, Not Brochure. With all those exhibitors vying for attention, and all the people jostling through the aisles, you have a scant second or two to capture a person’s attention and get your marketing message across.

2. Make It Brief. A logo, graphic elements, a tagline, a couple of bullet points… That’s all you need. You have to resist the temptation to pack your design with tons of information.

3. Use Simple, Striking Images. Many images or complex images just won’t register to the overwhelmed attendee. Use simple, eye-catching images. The attendee will pause, and you have a chance to greet him/her.

4. Don’t Sing The Blues. Have you noticed how many companies have blue logos? That means a lot of blue tradeshow booths. Stand out by being more colorful. You don’t have to change your logo; just pick colors to accentuate it.

5. People Power. Remember that the whole reason for being at a tradeshow is to get face-time with prospects and clients. If you say it all in your display and handouts, they have no reason to talk to you!

Keep this in mind when planning and designing all of your tradeshow displays – pop ups, retractable banners, portable displays, modular displays, etc. Don’t let tradeshow season catch you unprepared!

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