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3 Ways Trade Shows Can Boost Business

I’m constantly telling clients, prospects and anyone who will listen that trade shows provide unique opportunities to talk with clients and prospects face to face. Those who work in the industry agree – and have the stats to back it up, as shown in IMT’s ThomasNet News.


1. Face Time = Quality Time

According to CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research), 88 percent of the attendees at a trade show usually haven’t been seen by a member of your company’s sales staff in the past year, and 70 percent plan to buy one or more products. On average, 76 percent of attendees ask for quotes and 26 percent end up signing purchase orders. Seventy-two percent of visitors say the show itself influences their buying decisions.


2. Pass It On… and Save

The positive impact of exhibiting at a trade show isn’t confined just to the event; 87 percent of attendees will pass along some of the information they obtained at the show, and 64 percent will tell at least six other people about it. From a sales perspective, shows can also be highly cost-effective — it costs 22 percent less to contact a potential buyer at a show than through traditional field sales calls.


3. Brand Building

Trade shows can be an important lead generation or brand awareness channel. They do not generally have an immediate impact on profits (unless you consider the costs to participate); however, if the exhibit program is well planned, they can play a role in building a company’s reputation. Still, trade shows aren’t for every company. A small business, in particular, should consider exhibiting at shows where they aren’t just a small fish in a very large pond. They may have a greater presence at smaller shows, perhaps that are more vertical or targeted to a very specific industry.

Bottom line, simply exhibiting pell-mell is like setting money on fire. But a well-planned show presence can help your business in more ways than you may realize.


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