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10 x 20

A 10-foot by 20-foot booth gives you twice the space of the typical booth. You can use it to make two separate sections, each dedicated to a particular function. For instance, half of the space could be for selling and interacting with visitors, while the other half is strictly for product demos. Or you can use the full 20 feet as a continuous space. In any case, Tradeshows And Displays offers solutions from several brands of hardware manufacturers, enabling us to devise the best balance of features, benefits, and cost for your exhibiting goals. Perhaps you need a simple back-wall and nothing else. What about a pop-up frame and a counter with shelves? Maybe something that divides your space into sections. What’s that– you want an iPad stand and some retractable banners with show specials? You have options, and there’s plenty more! We’ve got you covered.

We have solutions for every budget:

Less than $10,000

$10,000 – $17,000

$17,000 – $25,000